You Would Rather Be Alone

You would rather be alone, It’s better to be alone than to be in bad company.
Show me your friends & i will tell you who you are.
If you learn how to run with wolves, you will learn how to hold.
If you fly with eagles, you will learn how to fly to greater heights.

A mirror reflects a man’s face, but the kind of friends he chooses reflects who he truly is.
Be confident and bold, be positive and courageous.
Be convinced and optimistic, be brave and fearless.
The less you associate with some people, the more your life will improve.

Any time you tolerate mediocrity, your own mediocrity increases.
As you grow and improve some of your friends will not want you to leave them behind.

A friend who does not want you to climb, would want you to crawl.
Your friends can stretch your vision or talk down your dreams. Those who don’t increase you, will definately decrease you.

Worry not about the gossip, for they must talk.
Never be concerned when they stare at you.
Don’t blame yourself, for you deserve better.

You are a star, you were made to shine.
You are a wind, you were created for nothing else but blowing.
You are honey, blame not your sweetness.

Take charge of you life or someone else will.
Regardless of what you do,somebody is still going to blame you.
Try not to earn other people’s approval by what you do.
It is not where you’re from, but where you’re going.

As a rose has a standard to attract bees, you are a beauty created to be looked at and be seen.
You are attractive, so don’t mind a look,be the best for the best is in you.

Never receive counsel from the wicked or an unprotected people.
Never discuss you failures with those who never succeeded with their own troubles.
Never follow anyone who is not going anywhere.
Never be a prisoner of other people’s views and negative opinions about you.

Speak with winners and do as they do and strike to improve and be above, you would rather be alone.


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The Three Inevitable Life Ingredients

‘What you are is God’s gift to you, what you become is your gift to God’
-Anthony Robbins-

Most people in the world today are consuming most of their time looking for answers to their critical questions about life in the wrong places. Their thoughtless course has made them wander about aimlessly & not achieving much. The fact that we all have reservoirs of life to draw upon has not been utilized well. Remember as we move around we might feel that our life is just doing well & that we have nothing more to crave for. We confine our minds into believing that we are indeed okay and therefore no need to explore the unknown or to be open to new ideas & thoughts. I once read that a wise man can learn more from a foolish question than a fool can learn from a wise answer. My reflection on the above wisdom led me to think of life & why there is that huge gap between average people & the great ones. While reading Robin S. Sharma’s greatest fable, ‘The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari’, i came across some reading where he had stated that on an average day the average person runs about sixty thousand thoughts through his mind. The problem was that ninety-five percent of those thoughts were the same as the ones he thought the day before’.  This is why we must worry for the great number that has the thoughts but doesn’t have the power to execute those thoughts.

When i am lost in thoughts of what next step to take about my life, my friend often reminds me that it’s not what i look at that matters, it’s what i see. I believe him. For the fact that we as a people, we have different thoughts & perspectives about life. As a pessimist looks at a glass as half empty, an optimist would look at the same glass as half-full & be happy that all is not lost, the same we tend to react inaccordance with our life perspectives. It is good to remain optimistic about our life. Have positive perception.

Voltaire once said that, ‘God gave us the gift of life, it is upto us to give ourselves the gift of living well’. As human beings it is possible to be discouraged by the unexpected turn of events in our lives, it is possible to be discouraged about the injustices we see everywhere. But it is also good to acknowledge that God did not promise us that the world would be humane & just. He gave us the gift of life and allowed us to choose the way we will use our limited time here on earth. For the optimist & those who can rise above the confines of fear mongers & the highly ambitious people who cannot have the luxury of settling for less-they see this as a God-given opportunity to improve their life, improve society & live the world as a better place.


We all want our life to be an awesome encounter & often it doesn’t. But only to those who understand the enormity of life & what it is capable of presenting to us can endure it. Yes life can be flowery at times, it can be wonderful & generous but one thing for sure life will never be an easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy all through. In unlikely turn of events life can be mean & hard. And often it does. It is obvious that even as we strive to achieve our best to beware of some common things that we shall come across & that which shall influence the people we become.

1.Tough times

Joel Osteen a televangelist ,author & a reknown motivational speaker once said, ‘we are going to go through tough times-that’s life. But i say-nothing happens to you, it happens for you. See the positive in negative events’. We are indeed going to meet challenges & be presented with the toughest battles in our lifetime but our mindset will play a big role if we stay prepared for such times, for it is inevitable that they will come. So don’t despair toughen up & remember tough times never last but tough people do.

2. Defeat

No one really wants to be defeated, no one wants to be challenged, the feeling of defeat is so bad that some us just can’t bear it & end up taking their own life. For me i would rather endure the pain of losing & learn from my mistakes than choose the path some faint-hearted people take. It is said that the strength of a man is measured by the level of adversity he can bear. Life being the wise teacher he is can not always make you a victor because it is in defeat that we learn the art of winning. Therefore, it is good for us to prepare for whichever outcome & know that sometimes the greatest of skills are learned through defeat.

3. Failure

Have you heard the saying, even the best laid plans fail? That’s true. Failure is part & parcel of our day to day life. If you find someone who has succeeded in every step of his life, my advise is that don’t take any crap from him. Most likely you won’t learn anything from him. The truth is life will not give you all you need. You are bound to fail not once or twice but you will mostly because that is how life is. But as an inspired person when life beats you to the knee, don’t moan & grief, fight on & stand up & challenge it. That’s how people win. It not about who failed or not, it is about the person who rose above his failures to achieve his dreams.


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The Incredible Game Plan

I fear not a man who has practised how to throw a thousand kicks, i fear he who has practised one kick a thousand times’
~Bruce Lee ~

In the quest to quench my thirst for the knowledge behind the success of the world’s  finest sportsmen & women, i went out on a research mission, listening to both die-hard fans of various world champions and also reading extensively on any material that i could find about the game. Whether football, golf, athletics or any other kind of sport, any written script i could get, i could read.

I was anxious to know, how one could break records and maintain such best position for more than two or three years consecutively, I was also concerned about knowing how one would hold their heads high in this competitive games and still emerge at the top. 

To my ultimate surprise, there was no such great secret to their winning ability. Vinci Lombardi once said, ‘ to be a winner you must have the heart of winning, you must work hard, you must prepare and you must endure’. I had read of this before and thought it was too shallow to define a winner but the truth dawned on me when indeed upon such thick research, all answers i got were still summed up in the same old Vinci’s statement. Although all the people i met and the books i read talked about different sports & games, all what these participants had in mind was to emerge victorious in whatever they did.

From their different stories i was able to draw some great but common lessons about life which i would like to share with you:

1. Never give up

Mohammed Ali, the living world-boxing champion who once staged the famous, ‘The Rumble in the jungle’ in which he beat his opponent with great margin said, ‘I hated every minute of training but i said,don’t quit.Suffer now & live the rest of your life as a champion’. I know in our life there are moments when we feel like letting go, times when we want to throw in the towel but like any other contestant you need to understand that this world is our stage-our battlefield in which those who give-up too soon can never match up. The world we are in only recognises the tough competitors-those who can climb up the ladder & get that which they set out for. Once you put on an enduring spirit & have that winning mentallity in your game plan on your mission to success then there is no mountain you can’t climb nor a lane that you can’t run through to the end. ‘Keep on keeping on & if your going through hell, keep on going, never give in‘, Winston Churchill

2. Your attitude

Those of us who were born in the late 80s or early 90s would resonate with me that whenever you went to a barbershop and luckily your hairdresser happened to cut-down all your hair & left your head bald, your peers would tell you umenyolewa Jordan (Meaning you cut all your hair). But did you know that such hair-style was spotted by one basketball legend Michael Jordan before it became a moniker for any bald-shaved guy? Anyway, i wasn’t into the name or the hairstyle of this basketball champion who netted many balls than any other during his time but the character in which he attributed.

Michael Jordan was quoted in New York sports magazine some years back and this is what he had to say, ‘ My attitude is that, if you push me towards something you think is a weakness, then i will turn the perceived weakness into a strength’. What an attitude? I must ask. From him i am able to learn of a man who had mastered his weaknesses and instead of dwelling in lamentations for the same, he had rose above them by ensuring that he could turn them into strengths. No opponent could use his weakness against him. It is therefore my call that as you manoeuver through life, learn to master your weaknesses and learn how to turn them into your strength.

3. Believe in yourself

The undisputed boxing champion of our current time, Floyd Mayweather, who prides himself for having won the toughest matches ,the latest being,’ The fight of the century’, as it was branded by reporters and journalists accross the world in which he went against an equally competitive opponent Manny Pacquiao, Mayweather emerged victorious thou by a unanimous decision of the judges, i remember before the match while being interviewed he said, ‘ I want to be able to seperate the avarage from the good & from the great. I want to seperate the ordinary from the extra-ordinary’. This was a great show of confidence, a believe in one’s ability. It tells us that in whatever course we choose to undertake we must always believe we can. We should always believe in ourselves, for of we don’t, no one else will.

4. Staying focussed

Ezekiel Kemboi,the steeplechase world record holder also put forth some insights about his secret of winning and he said,’ My ultimate goal is to break records’. With such spirit he has proved to sustain his record & this is matched up by his focus and his discipline through training.

I had read quite alot about many others of whom i would have liked to share their personal input but what i can authoritatively share with you and which is chiefly important is that, all this sportsmen & women who have been there and have continued to break their own record and that of others,from Usain Bolt, Messi to Serena Williams & others, their story touches on different spheres of sport but their winning ability is singled out in one thing-The Game Plan. They all have a particular game plan. Each one of them goes out in the field with their own plan and they execute it with all their strength hence we celebrate them.

In general, every person in this world has an area in which they play. In our day to day life we have different endavours to accomplish and destinies to fulfill…And just like all other champions mentioned, we need to identify our strengths & weaknesses, we need to identify that which we are passionate about or talented on and develop our own ‘game’ plan based on it. It is good to note that as an arrow is able to aim at a certain direction and hit a well-calculated target, a person without clear plans cannot achieve his/her goals. Be wise, develop a success-game plan.


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The Untold Story About Success

The proverbial saying,’WHERE THERE IS WILL, THERE IS WAY‘ is loudly expressed by the high-willed success oriented people. Indeed, this timeless yet very simple maxim can often be ignored by busy-bodies who have tried a thing or two and failed & now feel as if they have lost it all and are on the verge of giving up for good, but for the few successful people who have beared it all to achieve greatness, they can vividly state that, that phrase carries with it the basic truth about success and should be applied even in the most common situations that one undergoes.

This article is informed by the wide knowledge of our society and what has for long time ailed it & barred its progress. It is cruxed on the basic principles that bring about success while categorically dymistifying the common societal belief that education is the ONLY golden key to success. While i pride for having gone to school and acquired some adequate knowledge about many things that i couldn’t have otherwise learned, i largely discredit any society that pushes its youth into believing that going to school and graduating thereafter is an automatic ticket to success.

There needs to be a re-invention, a critical mind change, a sort of transfiguration among the youth and the entire Kenyan society about how we perceive success. It would largely be appreciated if we took a reflection of the world’s greatest men & women who for decades have stormed the headlines in the Forbes magazine as being successful, in terms of achievement, wealth and what not. This people who have succeeded are not only people of PASSION or just high education but are also people of ACTION. This people are successful because they knew that sometimes in taking action they needed not to re-invent the wheel but rather follow the path of other successful people who came before them.

I know you will be startled to learn that only 2% of the world’s population control almost 90% of the entire world’s wealth & this is the harsh truth. Statistics  have shown. But i want you to hold your peace as i take you through the fulfilling journey of success through some simple steps. It is good to learn the iron law of human destiny and that is THE LAW OF CAUSE AND EFFECT. This law is very powerful as it shows that there is specific effect for every cause. For every action there’s a reaction.

The truth is SUCCESS IS NOT AN ACCIDENT. Although we can contest that some people are born great, others achieve it along the way & yet others have greatness thrust upon them. The undeceiving & the tested law of success states that NATURE IS NEUTRAL-The world, the market place , or our society does not care who you are or what you are. And the benchmark is: If you do what successful people do whether born great or not, you will eventually get the results that other successful people get.

It follows that SUCCESS IS NOT A RESPECTOR OF PERSONS, it never chooses people randomly, it works in a set of dynamics and systems. It does not say that since you are highly educated you must always succeed and that primary school drop-out will never succeed. Success does not operate that way, infact success cares not how much your academic qualifications are or how rich your social background is. But as long as you follow the right path and do that which you must then success will come around.

As i conclude, i urge you not to sell yourself short, don’t dream yourself into small dreams, don’t sit and wait for success to come around because as i had earlier stated ,success attracts success. Reach out & tap more for beyond the seemingly impossible lies your future, there it lies your life-long dream, your desired success.



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The News Makers

I personally believe that in this life there exists different groups of people. There are those who make things happen, those who watch things happen and a great majority who wonder what is happening. I might not have traveled far and wide or interacted extensively with lots of people from all walks of life but the few that I have met and shared life experiences with, have helped me learn and understand the reason behind the successes and failures in our society.

The group that simply watch things happen in the world around them comprise of the people I call the cautious, the conservative . They never dare to venture into new grounds. They are comfortable with who they are and what they have achieved so far. These people only cheer up those who are making progress in their lives and are advancing toward greatness. Instead of being ‘go-getters’ they only specialize on cheering, they are spectators who can never rise to the occasion and take part in this competitive world. The worst group however is that which looks at the world as only a wonder book. They are people who live not only in denial but also in self-pity. They view the world as an unimaginable platform where they were never made to step foot in. When they hear others being pronounced as champions in certain feats in life, they are left with their mouths wide open; wondering how on earth someone could achieve such success. These people specialize in making complaints about how miserable their life is and how government or people around them who are much ahead are not helping them. They never amount to anything in life unlike the other group of people that make things happen.

This rare group of people that make things happen are the daredevils,the dreamers, the doers, the makers of things. This breed don’t wait until all the light is green before they can leave the house. They know clearly that the sea will never be calm nor the sky be clear for them to step out. They are sure to swim deep waters in pursuit of their happiness. They move from the known into the unknown, from the possible into the impossible, they are not usual thinkers since they believe in conquering the unusual and the uncommon grounds that men and women of usual thinking can never dream of.

I have read in books and have personally met some of these makers of things and their story is common. They all seemed to set their eyes on some unreachable stars no matter how far. No matter how hopeless their situation was they believed they carried in them an unbeatable ability and had their superior mind attached to some great passion. These people have set records and made headlines. Indeed, they have made news.

Due to the inability of most of us to reach beyond ourselves and look farther beyond our horizons; we have given these few the chance to maintain their names in the book of victors. They have continued to be the news makers and unless in our individual capacity begin to do something better and go beyond the usual things we’ve known and done, then we will forever remain to be only news readers!!

What are you doing about it? Do you want to be a news maker or simply a news reader?

The choice is Yours!

Dr. Shrinks.

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The 7 Rules of Life.

1. Make peace with your past so it won’t screw up the present.

2. What others think of you is none of your business.

3. Time heals almost everything,give it time.

4. Don’t compare your life to others. Don’t judge them. You have no idea what their journey is all about.

5. Stop thinking too much. It’s alright not to know the answers. They will come to you when you least expect.

6. No one is in charge of your happiness, except you.

7. Smile. You don’t own all the problems in the world.

Your life is about your happiness. No matter how wealthy you may end up to be, without happiness, it is worthless. Purpose to live a happy life. Love yourself and make everything else about giving you joy. In this way, even touching the life of another, should be designed to give you gratification.

All the best as you seek to give it a shot!

Dr. Shrinks.

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Be a bounce-back person

Life is full of disappointments, setbacks and financial difficulties. And no matter how hard we pray and try to make everything better,life will always deal us a big blow. New challenges come, disasters befall us everyday and often we tend to give up. Every time we try to make progress major setbacks appear and make us even weaker. In the process of battling these difficulties, some of us find themselves losing enthusiasm and courage to pursue our life goals.

It is said that iron sharpens iron and the purest of metals are produced under great pressure in the hottest chambers. Therefore, in the midst of these raging difficulties, we got to have in us a great bounce-back mentallity. When you have the attitude of getting back-up again when you are down know that you have the power to win. Bounce-back people are able to know every setback and have great will-power to achieve success. These people get encouraged even in the most discouraging events and are inspired enough to believe there are no obstacles too high for them to overcome. You might be going through bad days or maybe your business in which you had invested all your savings didn’t pick up as expected, or is collapsing. You might be taken ill by an unknown disease and you are wondering where to get healing. Your kids might not be doing well in school or are struggling with drug-addiction and you are cursing yourself for having to undergo such tormenting times. The best news however is that the same power that made Christ who He is, still lives in you. You have the capacity to bounce back because you have the DNA of a winner, the DNA of an over comer and through that there is nothing that can keep you from your God-given destiny. When you are tempted to give up on your dream just know that God has put in you a bounce-back spirit. There is something unique that says, ‘This is not who I am, I was created to live in victory, I was created to live above these problems.’ This is what you must know about yourself. You were never created a victim but a victor who is able to rise above average and ordinary living to lead an extra-ordinary and impressive life.

I read somewhere that, ‘God doesn’t promise us a calm voyage but a safe landing’. This shows us that God knows there will be difficult times in our lives that is why he put in us the spirit to bounce-back into action again.
It is good therefore to know that in our life here on earth, we will be threatened to quit our fondest dreams, doors of opportunities will be slammed before our very eyes. We will be fired from work, relationships will fail, our homes will be broken, businesses will fail but if we keep the faith and refuse to be broken even when we are harshly bend, then a better day will come and our destiny will be fulfilled.

It is sad to find many people giving up on their lives without knowing that after every dark night there is bright day ahead. If you really want to achieve your potential it is wise to have the attitude of going back and starting over. The good Lord put a decree in each one of us to win and be champions. Champions who can bounce back again and with greater strength and firmness, reclaim their positions.

Today am urging you to be a bounce-back person and that it is in your DNA to win and become the person you so long to be.

Dr. Shrinks.

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